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Image result for lacrosse sticksHow do I get started with Lacrosse?

The simplest way to get started is to pick up a stick. 

We offer numerous clinics year-round to give everyone a chance to learn the basics of the sport. The clinics are always free and are listed under our 'Clinics and Events' tab. 

A typical clinic will cover cradling, shooting, and basic gameplay, usually lasting about an hour. We use tennis balls or soft lacrosse balls so no equipment is required. 

Parents don't need to have a lacrosse background to have a catch either with their child. Using a baseball mitt is great way toss with your new player (though maybe not as much fun!)


Image result for lacrosse sticksWhat's the best age to start lacrosse?

Whenever you want to try it.

We welcome players as young as 5 all the way through 8th grade. Players from Pinnacle and Horizon have achieved All-State honors and played in college after starting in the 8th grade. It's never too early, and its never too late!


Image result for lacrosse sticksIs lacrosse expensive?

In a word, no. 

Youth lacrosse gloves cost the same as football receiver gloves. We are extremely conscious of the cost spiral in youth sports, as advanced equipment and scarce field time drive up program expenses and fees. 

We work with equipment vendors to offer gear at reduced prices ($145 for a complete starter package from Warrior, a top-tier lacrosse supplier), and we buy back used equipment from anyone who outgrows it or decides the sport isn't for them. We use that equipment to give new players a chance to gear up without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Check out our 'New Player Equipment Starter Kit' page.

All of our programs are designed to offer a consistently high level of training to players using the latest coaching techniques and methodologies without requiring a constant stream of fees. 


Image result for lacrosse sticksWhat's the next step?

Sign up for one of our small group sessions or league teams.

In the fall we offer skill clinics and small group lessons that focus on individual skill development with a mix of small-sided scrimmages at Fireside Elementary School, Sunrise Middle School, and Casey's Sports World.

From January through March, we sponsor competitive league teams in Arizona Youth Lacrosse. We play other community-based clubs like ourselves at venues around the Valley. Each team plays 2 one hour games per week. We take the first Saturday of PVUSD spring break as a bye week.

In the late spring and summer, we form instructional teams to play in the various indoor recreational leagues that exist at (air-conditioned) venues like Arizona Sports Complex and Ice Den.


Image result for lacrosse sticksA sport for life

It's an easy game to fall in love with and it has numerous devotees in the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

And of course, there is Bill Belichick. He played goalie in college, his father coached at Navy and his son played at the NCAA DI level (including a matchup against Chris Hogan).

When asked at a media day about what makes Coach Belichick smile, Tom Brady famously replied, "Nothing." 

After a moment's pause, he added, "Except lacrosse."


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