Welcome to Desert Ridge Lacrosse Club serving youth boys and girls U8 to U14 in the North Phoenix, North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas of Arizona. The Desert Ridge Lacrosse Club's mission is to make sure that kids are welcomed into a fun team atmos


Desert Ridge Rattlers Lacrosse competes competitively in two types of Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse. 

  • The Field Lacrosse season is in the Winter/Spring, generally running from January to late March/early April.  We play across the Valley against teams from throughout Arizona. 
  • Box Lacrosse is generally played in the Fall, and throughout the remainder of the year through highly competitive travel teams.


What is field lacrosse?

  • Field lacrosse the outdoor version of lacrosse.
  • Field lacrosse is the fastest growing game in North America at every level. The appeal? It's a neat composite of other sports, it's fast, extremely athletic, and it's cool! As parents discover that field lacrosse is more exciting than soccer, cheaper than ice hockey and not as dangerous as football, the game is getting a closer look.
  • Based on age groups, there are varying formats for number of players in the game.  Typically:
    • 8U   – 4v4
    • 10U – 6v6 or 7v7
    • 12U – 7v7, 8v8 or 10v10
    • 14U – 8v8 or 10v10
  • Substitutions are done on the fly, mostly for the midfielders, who play the entire length of the field.  Attackmen will generally remain on the offensive half of the field while the defensemen (long poles) will remain on the defensive half.  Players may exchange postions as long as another player remains in the area as a temporary replacement. 
  • Unlike box lacrosse, there is no time requirement to take a shot, so the team can maintain control of the ball for as longs as they want. 
  • Players who have played box lacrosse will find field lacrosse very different. The essential skills such as passing, catching and shooting remain similar, but the level of contact, game rules and strategy are very unique. 
  • Field Lacrosse is played professionally in the Premier Lacrosse League.


What is box lacrosse? 

  • Box lacrosse is a full contact, indoor version of lacrosse.
  • The game originated in Canada, where it is the most popular version of the game played in contrast to the traditional field lacrosse game. It is played between two teams of six players each, and is traditionally played on an ice hockey rink or indoor soccer field.
  • The playing area is called a box, in contrast to the open playing field of field lacrosse. 
  • While box lacrosse is similar to hockey, it is far more closely related to basketball.  The offense involves full team strategy utilizing all 5 field players and there are no defensemen.  The offensive players are setup as two creasemen, two shooters or cornermen and one pointman (top).  The goalie sits inside his ‘crease’ which offensive players are not allowed to enter.  If an offensive player enters the crease, the shot is nullified and possession is rewarded to the opposing team. 
  • Like basketball, there is no offside or icing, but for novice kids and older, there is a 30 second shot clock. This keeps the pace of the game moving very quickly. Many penalties are similar to hockey, but lacrosse has many ‘possession’ calls instead of penalties, which keeps the play moving quickly.    
  • Lacrosse is a fast and physical game encompassing specific skills, agility, team work, physical conditioning, discipline, trust and respect.  Contact is introduced at the earliest levels of play and considering the physical nature of the game and high pace, it remains one of the top sports with the least amount of youth injuries, ranking far behind hockey, football and basketball. 
  • Box Lacrosse is played professionally in the National Lacrosse League.