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Repetition, repetition, repetition.  During development at the 8U, 10U, 12U and even 14U level, repetition in stick skills are the best way to prepare for our competitive Lacrosse seasons.  The following is a Wall Ball program (find your nearest outdoor raquetball court or large hard wall) and is a general guide to improve those stick skills.

Start with what you can do, and add to it as you learn and grow.



Any player seeking to be considered for varsity playing time should perform the routine 3‐4 times per week. If you want to be good, perform it daily. There are few guarantees in the world, but daily wall ball will make you better (I guarantee it). 

Throw for 25‐30 minutes. It is possible to get 1000 touches in 30 minutes.   

  • Stand roughly 10‐15 feet from the wall 
  • Aim for a spot about 10 feet off the ground 
  • Throw hard 
  • Listen to music, Visualize game situations, or just zone out and count 

 Basic Skills 

  • 10x Right hand 
  • 10x Left hand 
  • 10x Quick stick right (7‐10 feet away) 
  • 10x Quick stick left 
  • 10x One hand right (hold stick slightly above halfway) 
  • 10x One hand left 
  • 20x Right>Catch& Split>Left>Catch & Split (1 Throw & Catch with each side=1 rep) 
  • 20x Right>split>catch Left>split> right (split in the air, 1 Throw & Catch with each side=1 rep)   

Advanced Skills 

  • 10x Canadian Left (cross‐handed right) 
  • 10x Canadian right (cross‐handed left) 
  • 5x Behind The Back right 
  • 5x Behind The Back left 

*Division 1 NCAA players are expected to complete this routine in 2m30s.*


  • Point the butt end of your stick at the target.   
  • SOFT HANDS. Pretend the ball is an egg. 
  • Snap your wrists forward upon release.