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The "Lacrosse Nugget of the Week" is a bit of fun and informative Lacrosse news and trivia, enjoy and wow your friends!


Image result for lacrosse sticksThe first intercollegiate lacrosse tournament was held in 1881, with Harvard beating Princeton 3–0 in the championship game.

Image result for lacrosse sticksCole Smith from East Lansing, MI holds the High School record for most goals scored in a game with 18 in 2016.

Image result for lacrosse sticksInternational Lacrosse is governed by "World Lacrosse".  There are currently 38 national governing bodies including the Iriouois Nation, Jamaica and Turkey.

Image result for lacrosse sticksLacrosse was an official Olympic sport in both 1904 (St. Louis) and 1908 (London).  Each time the Gold was brought home by a Canadian team.

Image result for lacrosse sticksNative Americans used balls that were made of wood or deer skin stuffed with hair in the earliest lacrosse games.

Image result for lacrosse sticksThe first aluminum shaft was built in 1980 starting the migration from the wooden sticks used for hundreds of years.

Image result for lacrosse sticksThe 'crosse' in Lacrosse comes from the French word for a bat or stick used in sports.

Image result for lacrosse sticksNFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown scored 43 goals in 10 games in his Senior year at Syracuse University gaining All American honors in Lacrosse.

Image result for lacrosse sticksLacrosse originated in the 1400s in Huron County in today's New York.  Each team was made up of up to 1,000 warriors on a field that could stretch for as much as several miles long with no boundaries.