Welcome to Desert Ridge Lacrosse Club serving youth boys and girls U8 to U14 in the North Phoenix, North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas of Arizona. The Desert Ridge Lacrosse Club's mission is to make sure that kids are welcomed into a fun team atmos



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Registering a Member Account for this site:

If you have previously registered in the Rattlers system, please proceed to your new program selection.

If you have not registered for a Rattlers program before on this website, please keep in mind a few things:

  1. You will complete at least two profiles for each registration: one for each player, and one for each parent or guardian that wants to receive club communications. You will only have to complete this information once, and it will be retained for future Rattlers registrations. 

  2. For each player's profile, use the player's date of birth and contact information. For each parent or guardian, use the parent or guardian's date of birth and contact information. 

  3. Generally, 8u is K-2nd, 10u is 3-4, 12u is 5-6, and 14u is 7-8 gradePlease contact drrattlerslax@gmail.com with any questions


The currently available programs open for registration are listed below in order:

*Learn to Lax Clinics and Summer/Fall Lacrosse are offered throughout the year.*

**The main outdoor Youth Lacrosse of Arizona competitive league season runs from December-April 1. The most recent season's registration information is listed below as a general guide for interested families.**



Dates: October 11th - November 15th

Open to: Boys & Girls
In Grades: 2nd to 8th  (2022-23 School year)

Time: Tuesday's from 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Location: Fireside Elementary

General Information: 

6 practices (9hrs), 2 tournaments (~5hrs). 


The league will emphasize small-side (7v7) gameplay, and essential concepts for both team and individual skills: spacing, ball awareness, off-ball positioning, and dodging, 2-man game, and shooting. 

Each Tuesday will include a brief warmup, drills, and scrimmages.

The ACU 7v7 tournament is 10/22/22.

First annual Blue-Green inter-club tournament.

Live games will be scheduled against other local clubs—game times TBD, but generally on Friday/Sat/Sunday afternoon.

This is a contact format, but equipment will be used: stick, gloves, helmet, elbow pads and shoulder pads

There is a limited supply of gear to loan, and an option for a $55 Powell Scout complete stick is available at the time of registration. 








US Lacrosse membership required to participate (this pertains to US insurance coverage/claims in cases of injury)

Please Note: there is a system bug that double-registers some players. The website company has not been able to squash this bug. Please email us at drrattlerslax@gmail.com and we can update your cart or refund any unwanted charge. 




What: 2022 Youth Lacrosse of Arizona League Season Registration

When: 11/30/2021-12/11/21; 1/11/2022-4/2/2022

  • Practice begins 11/30/2021.

  • All teams plan to participate in the 2021 Lax4Life Tournament (12/11/21). 

  • All Teams will compete in the 2022 Youth Lacrosse of Arizona Regular season.

    • The “YLA” is comprised of 16 community lacrosse clubs from Phoenix and Tucson playing USA Lacrosse-approved 10v10 and 7v7 games formats in age-appropriate division alignments, using USA Lacrosse certified officials.

Games are on Saturdays beginning 1/29/22 at Reach 11 Sports Complex.

  • Venues rotate weekly to multi-field sports complexes including Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Maricopa, and Tucson.

  • All Rattlers teams in all age divisions play in one location on each game day.

  • Each team plays Two (2) games of one hour each. Games are slightly staggered by age division, so the youngest teams play earlier in the day and older teams late morning or afternoon.

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday

  • 6pm-7:30pm (Nov30—Feb 21th)

  • 5pm-630pm (Late Feb--April 1)

    • NOTE: 8u practice times are Tues/Thurs 6-7pm at PV Park, based on coaches availability. We expect to field multiple teams, and try to be flexible on days, times and locations.


  • Practices requiring lights (Nov-Feb) will be held at Paradise Valley Park.

  • Daylight Practices, Clinics, other events are at Fireside Elementary School

Registration Includes:

  • League Dues, Game Officials, Practice fields and coaching Nov 30-April 1, and all team field and game equipment, storage, and maintenance.

  • Family discounts for more than one child and early registration discounts are available.

    • Please understand that due to non-refundable costs incurred before the season, including commitments to fields, coaches, and scheduling, registration fee cannot be refunded after Dec 15th.

  • 14u and 12u Team dues: $475

  • 10u: $350

  • 8u: $125

Additional Requirements

  • YLA Season Registration (no cost)

    • TBA on the league website, deadline 1/10/2022

  • USA Lacrosse Membership for player One Year - $30:

    • Provides comprehensive liability covering events, practices and games and supplementary medical insurance for all participants during events, practices and games.

    • Provides the Age Division certification and Officials' certification for All Youth games.

    • Is automatically handled DURING this website's registration process

    • After registering with USA Lacrosse, each player's birthdate will determine which team they are placed on

    • Please contact drrattlerslax@gmail.com with any questions either before or during the registration process on ages or teams

  • Uniforms-$100 (est):

    • Uniforms are turned over on a two-year cycle to manage costs, wear-and-tear, and rapidly sprouting players. This season we will be using a new design. To make the ordering process as smooth as possible, all ordering is done through a custom webstore.

    • We are supporting a new supplier this year but estimate costs to be in a very close range of the total

      • The uniform includes a Reversible Jersey, Game shorts, and a warm-up shirt

      • Team Spirit Wear is available, but optional for players

  • Sticks $50-200

    • Every player from kindergarten through high school need an appropriately sized stick with a high-quality pocket

      • Beginner $50-$100 (new), intermediate $80-150; Used sticks $25-100

        • New players are advised to purchase a new Powell Scout complete stick from the Gear Locker ($50)

        • This is a high-quality, low-cost stick with an excellent pocket for beginners at $30 below msrp

      • Used sticks $25-100

        • the vast majority of used sticks MUST have a new pocket installed.

          • “Stringing Kits” are widely available, can allow for customization and unique patterns, and take 30-60 min to install.

          • see “ECD Stringing” on Youtube for more info

    • The stick is the most critical piece of equipment a lacrosse player has; the pocket is the most critical part of the stick

  • Equipment:

    • All players should expect to provide all of their own equipment at some point after registration.

      • New

        • $200-$300 for 8u-10u starter equipment, $300-400 for Intermediate/12U, $400-600 for 14U/JV HS

      • Reconditioned/Used: Ebay, donated, offer up, Play It Again.

        • Note: for 2021-22 ANY USED SHOULDER PADS ARE ILLEGAL

          • A new Rule requiring a hard-shelled chest pad goes into effect 1-1-31, and is required to maintain insurance for players, coaches, and officials

          • Shoulder Pads must have the NOCSAE EKG logo to pass certification

        • Try new and used before committing, compare a few options

          • Low price points in the new market are often disappointing, look for higher quality, more durable used equipment

    • The team actively welcomes the donation of equipment that has been outgrown or replaced and maintains a limited inventory of gear that is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    • Goalkeepers: All 3rd-6th grade players (12u and 10u) are supplied full equipment by team (stick, throat guard, chest pad, shin guards, sweatpants) at no cost.